24 June 2020

State of the art OSSD Safety Switches

The O-Type range of safety switches combines 45+ years’ experience in design and manufacture of machine guard safety products with the latest in safety technology. There unique design means 30off O-Type switches can be connected in series maintaining PL-e in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

The OSSD outputs have been designed to work as standalone device or can be connected with Mechan GM1 safety relay or other manufacturers safety control devices, so they fit perfectly into your environment.

The OSSD outputs ensure the highest level of safety is maintained even when connected in series. Each switch is continuously self-monitoring for faults including any short circuits. Should any guard be left open, the switches connected will begin to flash allowing the user to quickly identify the fault.

The new sleek, curved design is both aesthetically pleasing and ideal for mounting on all types of guards. The 22 mm mounting holes, which has become a standard in the safety switch market, and compact external dimensions, allow traditional switches to be replaced with a more intelligent switch creating maximum reliability and safety.


The O-Type range are available with two coding options; OHE1 - coded magnetic and ODNK - uniquely coded RFID with 4 billion possible code combinations. Both switches coding follows the guidelines set out in EN14119.

The ODNK puts operators at ease with the simple to use teach mode. If you lose or break either part, you can re-teach the coding an unlimited number of times. Simply activate the teach facility by powering the switch to 17VDC, this will then indicate with a flashing purple LED. Once you bring the new part in, the flashing purple LED will turn solid indicating the new code has been accepted. Power back to 24VDC and you are ready to go.

Both O-Type safety switches include two RGB LEDs for indication. They can provide advanced visual diagnostics for ALL states of the device including the input and output signals. This means the user can easily fault find without needing to access the control panel. The overhanging LED design provides visual diagnostics even when mounted in hard to reach areas.

The OHE1 features unique misalignment indication to assist with the positioning of the guard. Just before the actuator moves out of range, LED 2 will begin to fast flash yellow. This is also useful if the gate ‘sags’ and moves out of alignment with the switch.

The ODNK can operate from 3 faces. The RFID signal is transmitted from most directions allowing for easy installation in difficult mounting positions. The RFID signal has high immunity to metal shavings and other ferrous objects, that interfere with magnetic switches.

Both O-Type switches are enclosed in an agent-resistant material and fully encapsulated with resin and hardener. The robust design has been tested to IP67 and IP69K and is suitable for use in strict washdown environments. 



The O-Type safety switches are available with a feature called EDM (external device monitoring), this means the outputs can be used to safely monitor the state of contactors without the need for a safety relay or control unit. The O-Type range are the only OSSD safety switches on the market to feature a 2Amp safety output rating. This means you can connect larger rated contactors, improving both compatibility and durability.

The O-Type switches also feature automatic reset or momentary push button support.


When you purchase an O-Type safety switch, you need to understand the 3 different versions:

Simple: Only available with a M12 5-PIN connector. This version does not support series connection or have the EDM function.

Standard: Available in pre-wired or with a M12 8-PIN connector. This version supports series connection however, it does not support the EDM feature.

Advanced: Comes complete with all features including EDM. You can purchase this version with a pre-wired connection or an M12 12-PIN connector.


The O-Type switches are designed for use in most industries and the advanced technology allow users to comply with the latest international safety standards.

Mechan Controls design and manufacture a large selection of machine guard safety products for safeguarding hazardous machinery.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact visit www.mechancontrols.com or  contact via email at sales@mechancontrols.co.uk.


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