About Mechan Controls

Full Mechan group Shot6.324
Full Mechan group Shot6.324

A leading design and manufacturer of machine guard safety products, Mechan Controls specializes in the production of non-contact safety switches, mechanical interlocks, light curtains and safety control units. It operates throughout the world, providing its customers with durable, cost-effective machine guard safety products that have proven their reliability in some of industry’s harshest, most demanding environments.

Based in the United Kingdom, Mechan Controls first opened its doors in 1972, producing the worlds first RFID safety switch. Since which time, Mechan Controls has developed an enviable reputation as the industry leader.

In 1999, a team of EJA/Guardmaster employees led by Mabruk Farrah (former Research and Development Manager for Guardmaster) purchased Mechan Controls. The plan was to widen the product portfolio and provide a better, more focused support to users in the growing and ever more complex area of machine safety.

In 2017, Mabruk Farrah became sole owner and Managing Director of Mechan Controls. The plan, to increase the product range and make Mechan Controls a world leader in the field of machine safety.

Between 2017 and 2023, Mechan Controls doubled the number of channel partners worldwide, with a particular focus on the UK, USA and Chinese markets. New Business Development Managers were recruited from world leading safety manufacturers to support the ever-growing product portfolio and provide first class service to both customers and distributors.

Today, Mechan Controls continues to invest heavily on new product development in order to stay at the forefront of machine guard safety innovation.