About Mechan Controls

A leading British designer and manufacturer of machine guard safety systems, Mechan Controls specializes in the production of non-contact safety switches, control units and safety relay modules.  It operates throughout the world, providing its customers with durable, cost-effective safety switches that have proven their reliability in some of industry’s harshest, most demanding environments.

Mechan Controls was established in Skelmersdale, United Kingdom situated between Manchester and Liverpool in 1972.  They became one of the leading manufacturers of electronic safety switches for machine guarding.

In 1999 a management buyout brought together Wilf Boardman and a technical team from Guardmaster, including Mabruk Farrah.  The plan was to widen the product portfolio and provide a better, more focused support to users in the growing and ever more complex area of machine safety.

In 2017 Mabruk Farrah became the sole owner of Mechan Controls with a plan to increase the product range and make Mechan Controls a world leader in the safety field and so begin its new journey into the ever-changing world of machine safety.