CE Approved

    316 Stainless Steel, Resin Encapsulated
    1NO, 2NO + 1NC (with door open)
Contact Rating:
    2Amp 230VAC / 1Amp 24VDC
Connection Type:
    Pre-Wired Cable, 4-Core / 6-Core (High Temp up to 125°C)
Operating Distance:
    10mm ON / 28mm OFF
Ingress Protection Rating:
    IP67 and IP69K

The MAGNASAFE MS6 non-contact safety switches are an industry standard, slim-line, space saving design. Encapsulated into red ABS housings, the MS6 safety switches are easy to install, tolerant to misalignment. The non-contact operation has an 10 – 28 mm switching distance helping to ensure a long and trouble free operating life. 


Product Code Description Part No. Quote options Added to Basket
356.084 MS6 / Stainless Steel / 1NO / 230AC / 01-Metre High Temp (Switch and Actuator) MS6-SS-10-AC-01M-HT
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356.056 MS6 / Stainless Steel / 1NO / 230AC / 03-Metre High Temp (Switch and Actuator) MS6-SS-10-AC-03M-HT
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356.081 MS5 / Stainless Steel / 2NO + 1NC / DC / 06-Metre High Temp (Switch and Actuator) MS6-SS-21-DC-06M-HT
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Download Step Drawing MS6-SS-Switch-Pre-Wired.STEP Download Step Drawing MS6-SS-Actuator.STEP


Dimensions in millimetres

2 Normally Open Contacts + 1 Normally Closed

1 Normally Open Contact

Technical Specifications
Safety Output Up to 2 x NO
Safety Output Rating 230Vac / 2Amps, or 24Vdc / 1 Amp
Auxilliary Output Up to 1 x NC
Auxilliary Output Rating 15W / 10VA
Cable / Connector Pre-wired
Cable Length 1, 3, or 6 metre
Coding Magnet & Reed
Dimensions of Switch (mm) 81.5 x 19 x 19mm
Dimensions of Actuator (mm) 81.5 x 19 x 19mm
Weight na
IP Rating IP67 / IP69K
Construction 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Mounting 4 x M4 Security Screws
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -25°C to +125°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to +125°C
Safety Related Data
PL in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 na
SIL CL in accordance with EN IEC 62061 na
PFHd in accordance with EN IEC 62061 4.3 x 10-8 See Note 1
PFH 6.52 x 10-8
B10d 2,000,000
MTTFd High > 100 Years ( Based on usage rate of 360 Days
TM > 20 Years
DC 99%
SFF 98%

Based on dual channel wiring according to CAT 4. Diagnostic coverage provided by downstream control logic. DC - medium, MTTFd = 100 Years

File Title File Name Download File
350 402 Iss19 MECHAN MS6 MS21 Installation Guide 350-402-Iss19-MECHAN-MS6-MS21-Installation-Guide.pdf PDF (1.2 MB)