EM-Series - Modular Safety Relay


CE Approved

   Expandable Safety Relay Approved to CAT 4 SIL 3 PL-e
•   Monitor up to 20 Dual Channel Safety Devices (Requires ESM Module/s)
•   Input Status Indication for Each Connected Device
•   Reset Circuit Indication – Automatic or Manual
•   Eliminate Fault Masking – No Series Connection (Based on user installation)
•   No Programming Required – Ready to use out of the box
•   Enhance Production, Reduce Downtime

The EM-Series is an expandable safety relay designed to eliminate fault masking without the need for programming. Using the expander module (ESM) the system can monitor up to 20 dual channel inputs ranging from Emergency Stops, Mechanical Interlocks, Non-Contact Safety Switches, Grab-Wires plus more.

The master control unit (EM1) and expander module (ESM) comes with indication for both N/C inputs that displays individual device status’s. Each module has a volt free indication output that can be connected to a HMI, PLC or even external LED display making integration into your existing panel seamless.

Other features include a reset fault indication LED on the master control unit, individual fault LED’s per module and a resettable fuse.

This product meets the requirements of CAT4, SIL3, PL-e as approved by TUV and cUL. We recommend using this product when fault masking is an issue and programming is not required.

The EM-Series has been designed and approved to conform with CAT4, SIL PLe safety requirements. Based on the popular F-SERIES range, the EM-Series modular design makes it easy to install and expand a safety system that exactly meets your needs.

The EM-Series control module is made up from an EM1 safety control unit and the required number of extender modules.

The EM1 is the main module containing the power supply unit, re-set circuit, control relays with dual channel output/input and indication for reset fault and input status.

The ESM module clips onto the same DIN rail as the EM1 and connects to the adjacent unit via the attached strap.

The flexible DIN rail mounting safety control unit can monitor up to 30 2NC safety devices or emergency stops in one system. This will provide dual safety output and volt free contact with LED indication for each module.

This system is best used when trying to eliminate fault masking. Its high safety category rating and easy to use design makes it ideal for any industrial application.




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