Industry - Automation & Controls

The HE-Series is a coded magnetic safety system. Fully encapsulated solid state safety switches with a slim-line control unit. Combining the ease of use and maintenance of a simple magnetic safety switch, with the improved security, performance levels and indication of Mechan’s electronic switching. Available in ABS or 316 Stainless Steel, the HE switches withstand vibration, wash down and are ideal for use in the food processing / filling and packing industries as well as many other non-locking machine guard applications.

MAGNASAFE is a complete range of non-contact magnetically operated switches for use in safety applications. Constructed using special reed switches, encapsulated into ABS housings, these switches are tested to perform up to 1,000,000 operations at full load.
The MAGNASAFE non-contact switches are easy to fit and the 10mm+ switching distance ensures tolerance to misalignment and gate wear. They are ideal for wet, dusty, oily environments and in areas where hygiene is important.

The Mechan S-TYPE switches are electronically operated standalone safety switches designed to work with any safety relay. Based on the Mechan top of the range F-Series electronics, the S-Type safety switches uses Mechan’s unique frequency operated switching system. This ensures only the Mechan S-Type actuator can operate the switch stopping unauthorised overriding of the safety switches. Ideal for replacing standard magnetic safety switches where additional security / reliability and indication at the switch is required.

With the growing demand for simple, efficient and yet more secure safety systems, the ISIS system offers the ideal solution. A tamper resistant non-contact safety switch system, suitable for use in most types of machine guarding applications where guard locking is not required. The ISIS safety switches available in both ABS or 316 grade stainless steel.
Tested and approved by TUV to CAT 3 SIL 3 PLe performance the ISIS system is also UL approved for the USA.