CE Approved

    Red ABS, Resin Encapsulated
    1NO, 1NO + 1NC (with door open)
Contact Rating:
    2Amp 110VAC / 1Amp 24VDC
Connection Type:
    Pre-Wired Cable, 2-Core / 4-Core
Operating Distance:
    7mm ON / 12mm OFF
Ingress Protection Rating:
    IP67 and IP69K

The Magnasafe MS4 are magnetically operated safety switches, suitable for use in machine guarding applications. Encapsulated into red ABS housings, the MS4 safety switches have a 7 mm switching distance, are easy to install and tolerant to misalignment, ensuring a long and trouble free operating life.

Product Code Description Part No. Quote options Added to Basket
353.001 MS4 / Plastic / 1NO / DC / 03-Metre Pre-Wired (Switch and Actuator) MS4-10-DC-03M
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353.002 MS4 / Plastic / 1NO + 1NC / DC / 03-Metre Pre-Wired (Switch and Actuator) MS4-11-DC-03M
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353.003 MS4 / Plastic / 1NO / DC / 03-Metre Side Exit Cable (Switch and Actuator) MS4-10-DC-03M-SE
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353.004 MS4 / Plastic / 1NO / 110AC / 03-Metre Pre-Wired (Switch and Actuator) MS4-10-110AC-03M
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Dimensions in millimetres

1 Normally Open Contact + 1 Normally Closed Contact

1 Normally Open Contact

Technical Specifications
Safety Output 1 x NO
Safety Output Rating 110Vac/2Amps or 30Vdc / 1Amp Inductive/Resistive
Auxilliary Output Up to 1 x NC
Auxilliary Output Rating 15W / 10VA
Cable / Connector Pre-wired
Cable Length 3, 6 or 10 metre
Coding Magnet & Reed
Indication 1 x Volt Free Contact
Dimensions of Switch (mm) 52 x 28 x 14mm
Dimensions of Actuator (mm) 52 x 28 x 14mm
Weight na
IP Rating IP67
Construction Red ABS, Resin Filled
Mounting 4 x M4 Security Screws
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Safety Related Data
PL in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 na
SIL CL in accordance with EN IEC 62061 na
PFHd in accordance with EN IEC 62061 na
PFH na
B10d na
MTTFd na
TM na
DC na
SFF na
File Title File Name Download File
353 400v11 Mechan Magnasafe MS4 installation guide 353-400v11-Mechan-Magnasafe-MS4-installation-guide.pdf PDF (683 KB)