10 February 2021

Mechan's stainless steel housings intergrated with EM1 to eliminate fault masking


A leading British designer and manufacturer of machine guard safety products since 1972, Mechan Controls specializes in the production of non-contact safety switches. It operates throughout the world, providing its customers with durable, cost-effective safety switches that have proven their reliability in some of industry’s harshest, most demanding environments.

Mechan Controls have a range of  safety switches housed in 316 grade stainless steel. These have been engineered to provide LOW,MEDIUM and High  coding level according to EN 14119 coupled with shiny 316 stainless steel housings to withstand extremely harsh manufacturing environments. Mechan Controls says the combination of design features make these switches unique in the market.

Furthermore, the 316 stainless steel housings withstand CIP and SIP cleaning and have been tested and approved to IP67 and IP69K, so they are suitable for industries such as food, beverage, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. The advantage of using stainless-steel enclosures instead of plastic is that it eliminates the risk of any damaged parts from entering the food chain.



 Eliminate fault masking



The EM1/ESM /GSM is an expandable safety relay that is designed to eliminate fault masking without the need for programming. If multiple guards are being used, it is recommended that this product is combined with Mechan Controls' EM1/ESM/GSM safety relay to achieve a high-performance level according to IEC13849 & IEC 62061.

Using EM1/ ESM/GSM expander modules, can allow the user to monitor up to 20 dual-channel safety devices such as emergency stops , mechanical interlocks, non-contact safety switches, grab-wires ,Light Curtain and more. The modular design means 20+ guards can be installed on a single system, achieving CAT4, SIL3, PL-e.
Each module has its own volt-free indication contact that can easily be integrated into an existing safety system.
The EM1/ESM/GSM is non-programmable, which means it is ready to use straight out of the box. Using the latest design methods, the EM1/ESM/GSM is packed with diagnostic features including individual safety input monitoring, which will alert the user which channel is faulty (traditional safety relays will just go into fault mode, leaving it up to the user to diagnose the fault manually).

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