20 September 2021

Mechan's Expandable Safety Controller



The GM-Series is an expandable safety control unit designed to monitor multiple Mechan Controls Lightcurtains (MLG-Series) or O-Type safety switches.
The master control unit (GM1) can monitor one pair of MLG-Series Lightcurtain (transmitter & receiver) and each additional Light curtain set can be monitored by adding an additional GSM extender module.

This system can also be used to safely monitor other Mechan Controls products.

The GM1 control unit was made to be an upgraded version of the EM1 control unit, but also to incorporate the ESM and GSM into it. Therefore we created a master control unit that can use both GSM and ESM extender modules. By doing this Mechan has created a wider range of products that can fit into a control unit.

The extender modules can be installed in order or can be mis-matched. That is the beauty of Mechan’s control units.

Features of the ESM & GSM

  • They both accept 2 closed contact inputs.
  • Provide diagnostic information.
  • Volt free contact status indicator.
  • Monitor up to 20 dual channel safety devices.
  • Eliminates fault masking.
  • Dual channel inputs and outputs.
  • No programming required.


The GM1 and EM1 features advanced software via the use of microcontrollers. This method of design means that we have been able to include more ‘intelligent’ diagnostic checks.
For example, improving safety input monitoring, Nuisance tripping detection intelligence.

The GM1 and EM1 have both been independently tested and approved by TUV and cULus to CAT4, SIL3 and PL-e.

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