22 February 2022

Mechan Control's 50th Anniversary

Mechan Control’s 50th Anniversary




Mechan Controls is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing machine guard safety products.

Established in 1972, Mechan created the one of the first non-contact RFID safety switches for a company called CarnaudMetalbox. The switch was so revolutionary and inspiring that the company is still a customer of Mechan Controls to this day.



Over the last 50 years Mechan Controls has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of machine guard safety products and has expanded its product portfolio exponentially.

1984 Mechan introduces its MPX range of safety control units that work with the original RFID safety switches.
1993 Mechan extends the MPX range to introduce DIN rail mounted safety control units to fit with the industry standard.
1997 Mechan brings out its first fully expandable F-series safety control units and accompanying RFID safety switches which utilize volt free outputs. The safety control unit also has LED indication for each safety switch input.
1998 Mechan introduces new safety products to the Magnasafe and S-type range also introducing the smallest RFID switch on the market the DNK1.
1999-2017 Mechan expands its safety product ranges to cater for the needs of its customers whilst also introducing a uniquely coded RFID safety switch with 4 Billion different codes.

In 2017 Mechan is taken over by Mabruk Farrah, its once Technical director now Managing Director and sole owner of Mechan Controls. Since 2017 Mechan has invested in product development and product expansion. Today Mechan is known worldwide for its innovation, delivery, and quality of its products.

2020 Mechan develop their own version of type 4 light curtains, OSSD safety switches and redefines its most popular expandable safety control unit the EM1/ESM to be even smaller.

2021 Mechan develops a new expandable safety control unit the GM1 and GSM to work in conjunction with the light curtains and OSSD switches.

Finally in 2022 Mechan will be launching new innovative safety products onto the market.

It is safe to say that in the space of 50 years what was once a small company in the Northwest of England has now established itself as one of the leading design and manufacturers of machine guard safety products worldwide.










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