31 May 2017

Mabruk Farrah becomes the new owner of Mechan Controls

In 2015, it was decided that in order to grow Mechan Controls to its maximum potential, new ownership was required. It was a decision that caught the attention of Mabruk Farrah, who currently held the position as Technical Director at Mechan.

Over the years, Mabruk has been responsible for the development and sale of Mechan safety products and has been a key member in its success.

In 2016, after unsuccessfully selling Mechan as a group package alongside Nirvana Engineering and PJO Industrial, Mabruk approaches the board of directors with the intention to begin negotiations. It wasn’t long until an offer was on the table and in November 2016, written acceptance was given to Mabruk.

After a long gruelling process, Mabruk signs for Mechan Controls Ltd on the 31st May 2017 becoming sole owner and the new Managing Director.

Our aim now is to expand the product portfolio and become the number one choice for machine guard safety products

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