Safety Systems


The DIN rail mounting safety control unit can monitor up to 30 Mechan Safety Switches and/or Emergency Stop Buttons in one system. The electronic non-contact safety switches are fully encapsulated, easy to install and tolerant to misalignment.
Together the switches and control module provide a safety system capable of meeting the requirements CAT 4 SIL 3 PL-e that can be used in the harshest environments, providing long term reliability.


With the growing demand for simple, efficient and yet more secure safety systems, the ISIS system offers the ideal solution. A tamper resistant non-contact safety switch system, suitable for use in most types of machine guarding applications where guard locking is not required. The ISIS safety switches available in both ABS or 316 grade stainless steel.
Tested and approved by TUV to CAT 3 SIL 3 PLe performance the ISIS system is also UL approved for the USA.