Legacy Products


CODEX™ is a modular, frequency operated safety system, designed for use in machine guarding applications where locking is not required. The fully electronic safety switches can be supplied with either the ‘generic coding’ (i.e. each switch the same) or with ‘unique coding’ where there is up to 500,000 individual codes.
The unique code option is especially useful in areas where it is important to ensure no-one defeats the system by use of spare actuators, or as electronic keys for access to controlled areas.


Mechan safety control units have been monitoring 1000's of Mechan electronic safety switches of over 40 years. Proving to be safe, reliable and easy to install, the MPX range, first introduced in the 1980's, and still in operation in many parts of the world.
The MPX control units are available in chassis mount or 35mm DIN rail mount format for installation into existing controls and work with the F-Series safety switches (F-Type, B-Type, S-Type, C-Type and Dinky)