14 Feb 2019

Single Safety Switch Monitors Two Doors

What is the HED Safety Switch?

The HED Safety Switch for machine guarding monitors two adjacent doors with a single switch and a coded magnetic actuator on each door. This saves on installation time, cabling, parts count and purchase costs - one HED safety switch costs around half the price of two separate safety switches.

The non-contact actuators can approach the safety switch from most angles, with a switching distance of 7mm. Safety-related specifications are PLe, CAT4 and SIL3.

Machine Doors with HED.745 Smallll

How does the HED Safety Switch Operate?

Each HED safety switch has two normally-open safety contacts. When either door (or gate, guard or cover) is opened, the safety contacts are opened, and the corresponding auxiliary contact is closed. Both doors must be closed to enable the machine to operate. LED status indicators on the switch body aid fault diagnosis. There is a choice of three cable entry points: left, right or centre. M12 connection is also available if required.

Plastic or 316 Stainless Steel Housings

HED safety switches feature agent-resistant plastic or 316 stainless steel enclosures encapsulated with epoxy resin for a protection level of IP67 and IP69K. The solid-state design makes the HED tolerant of shock and vibration.

Machine Doors with HED SS Door Open.743 small

Mechan's HE-Series safety switches have been fully tested and approved by TUV and cULus.

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